Privacy Policy

When you use Koyag, you will be sharing important information with us. As part of our commitment, we make sure to take care of this data and be transparent about how we use it. Koyag SpA (hereinafter, interchangeably "Koyag" or the "Company") informs the Users of the Platform and any of the services offered by Koyag (hereinafter the "Platform") about its policy regarding the processing and protection of the personal data of Users that may be collected in the context of the provision of services or access to the Platform performed by Koyag as the data controller. Please read the following Privacy Policy to learn more about the personal information we collect and how we use and share your personal information and your rights.

Koyag provides a web-based digital platform that allows natural persons over 18 years of age and/or legal entities or companies to facilitate the organization of digital activities such as webinars, seminars, talk series, and business meetings. The service improves interaction between Participants and Organizers, allowing the latter to plan, produce, and manage their online business events in a simple and efficient way. Through the Platform, Organizers can personalize question forms aimed at filtering the suitability of Participants, schedule meetings, manage available time slots and agendas, synchronize calendars, add virtual booths for their sponsors and partners in the event's agenda, stream webinars, analyze metrics through the information collected during the activity, among other features, all in one place.


The terms whose initial letter is capitalized (unless the use of capital letters is verified at the beginning of a sentence, to identify proper nouns, or in compliance with grammatical rules requiring the use of capital letters) shall have the meanings assigned to them below, or as expressly assigned to them in the Terms and Conditions and/or the Privacy Policies.

Data Processing Activities:

Any operation or set of automated or non-automated technical procedures that allow for the collection, storage, recording, organization, processing, selection, extraction, comparison, interconnection, dissociation, communication, transfer, transmission, or deletion of personal data, or their use in any other way.


Any user of the Platform who, at the request of the Organizer and/or Client, is invited to the control panel to organize and produce the event.


Any type of information, whether graphic or written, images, audio and video, including but not limited to location, advertisements, comments, news, data, graphics, images or drawings, texts, designs, diagrams, maps, and others, presented by Koyag on the Platform (and/or any underlying software and computer codes), as well as computational algorithms and programs, whether such Content is generated, provided, or otherwise produced or supplied by Koyag.

Third-Party Content:

Any type of information, whether graphic or written, images, audio and video, including but not limited to location, advertisements, comments, news, data, graphics, images or drawings, texts, designs, diagrams, maps, and others, generated, provided, or otherwise produced or supplied by Participants, Collaborators, Organizers, or third parties on the Platform.

Communication or Data Transmission:

Disclosing personal data in any way to persons other than the data subject, whether determined or undetermined.

Personal Data:

Any information that can directly or indirectly identify a legal or natural person. Direct identifiers include things like name, national identification or passport number, and phone number. Indirect identifiers include things like resources, finances, health, and other categories.

Data Processor:

A natural or legal person who processes Personal Data on behalf of the controller, as a result of a legal relationship that binds them to the controller.


Refers to mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, computers, and any other electronic device through which the Platform can be accessed.


Business meetings, webinars, talk series, or others organized, planned, and produced by the Organizer through the Platform.

Organizer and/or Client:

Natural persons over 18 years of age and/or legal entities who have contracted the services of Koyag SpA and access the "Koyag" Platform to organize, plan, produce, and manage business events online, simply by registering as an Organizer on the Platform. For these purposes, it shall be understood that Collaborators added to the Platform's control panel represent the Organizer.

Participant and/or User:

A natural person over 18 years of age who may or may not represent a company or legal entity and who, through the Platform, accesses an Event organized by the Organizer. To access the Event, the Participant must register in advance by completing the required form available on the Platform. In the case of business meetings, the Organizer will select the Users who will participate.


Refers to the personal account created by each Participant to access the Organizer's business meeting, which may contain all or part of the information provided by the Participant at the time of registration, and this information will be public to other Participants of the Event.


Corresponds to the system and technology developed by Koyag SpA, hosted on its website, which enables the organization and execution of Events.

Privacy Policy:

Refers to Koyag's privacy policies, which are duly published on the Platform.

Data Controller or Data Registry Holder:

Koyag SpA.


All services offered through the Platform that Participants can access through the Platform and their Devices.


A natural person over 18 years of age who, invited by the Organizer, participates in the Event as a speaker through the Platform.

Terms and Conditions:

General terms and conditions of use applicable to the access and use that any natural or legal person, or representative in any form, makes of the Platform and any services offered by Koyag as referred to in this document.

Data Subject:

The natural person to whom personal data refers.


Koyag SpA, Huérfanos 1160 D, Office 1102, commune and city of Santiago, Metropolitan Region, Republic of Chile. If you have any questions or complaints regarding these Privacy Policies or our handling of personal data, you can contact Koyag SpA at any time at the email address,


The processing of personal data carried out by Koyag is governed by the following principles:

3.1. Legality Principle of the Treatment. All processing of personal data shall be conducted in compliance with the laws of the Republic of Chile, in accordance with the regulations governing the processing of personal data, particularly Law No. 19,628, notwithstanding that we have adapted these Privacy Policies to enhance the standard beyond what the law regulates.

3.2. Purpose Principle. Personal data will always be collected and processed for specific, explicit, and lawful purposes.

3.3. Proportionality Principle. Koyag will only process personal data that is necessary and relevant for the purpose for which it is being processed.

3.4. Temporality Principle. Data will be retained when necessary to fulfill a legal or contractual obligation. Once the processing purpose is fulfilled and the terms established previously, data will be deleted. The Organizer and the BID group, who promote the development of the CIV LAC program and the call for the Event, will have access to personal data, following the principles established in these Privacy Policies, as it is necessary for the proper evaluation of proposals submitted by Participants and for the correct execution of the Event. Acceptance of these Privacy Policies implies the possibility of being contacted by the BID group after the Event is terminated. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Koyag reserves the right to retain personal data for its exclusive use, its associates, and the affiliated entities, for statistical, billing, or other general benefits as authorized by Law No. 19,628 of the Republic of Chile.

3.5. Responsibility Principle. All personal data processing activities will be carried out responsibly and in accordance with all the principles, duties, and obligations established by the laws of the Republic of Chile.

3.6. Security Principle. The processing of personal data will be carried out by adopting all necessary technical and organizational measures in response to the risks associated with the processing, protecting personal data against unauthorized processing, loss, leakage, damage, or destruction. Consequently, Koyag will implement appropriate security measures and standards in line with the data processing that will take place.

3.7. Transparency and Information Principle. It is possible to access the Privacy Policy through the Koyag Platform. Likewise, all information related to processing will be provided to the data subjects involved in a precise, clear, unambiguous, and free manner.

3.8. Confidentiality Principle. Koyag will maintain confidentiality regarding personal data to which it has access and which have not been obtained from sources accessible to the public, as provided in Article 7 of Law No. 19,628 of the Republic of Chile. Furthermore, all appropriate controls and measures will be taken to preserve confidentiality. This is without prejudice to the permission granted by Users to Koyag to transmit certain personal data to the Organizer for the purpose of allowing the User to participate in an Event.


These Privacy Policies apply to the use of the Koyag Platform, regardless of how the User uses the Platform and gains access to it. By accepting these Privacy Policies, the User gives consent to Koyag for the processing of their personal data. In any case, the User can always revoke such authorization by requesting the deletion of their account and personal data at any time. Notwithstanding the above, the revocation of consent does not affect the legality of data processing prior to the revocation.

Koyag collects personal data from Participants necessary to create and manage their account on the Platform and to facilitate communications with Participants. This Personal Data will be integrated into a personal data database for which Koyag is responsible and will be managed in accordance with applicable legal regulations. The legal basis for the processing of such data is consent, which is granted when subscribing to this agreement and is necessary for its execution. Notwithstanding the above, there are different legal bases that allow us to carry out data processing activities. For example, we process your personal data to provide and improve our services, offer you a personalized user experience on the Platform, contact you to address matters related to your Profile and our services, provide customer support, make personalized marketing and advertising communications available, enable the Organizer to select Participants for the Event, among others (a more detailed description is provided in point 9 below). For these same purposes, we also share your information with third parties, including service providers who act on our behalf and, of course, with the Organizer, who ultimately selects the Participants for the Events.

Koyag may store, save, and process Personal Data and transfer it to hosting servers located in the Republic of Chile or abroad, undertaking not to share it with third parties for purposes other than those provided in these Privacy Policies. Likewise, Koyag is committed to keeping such personal information strictly confidential.


This Privacy Policy covers how we handle Personal Data that we collect when you access or use the Services and/or the Platform. This Privacy Policy applies only to the data we collect through the Services and/or the Platform and not to the data collected by third parties.

Koyag is responsible for the Personal Data collected in connection with accessing or using the Services and/or the Platform.


We collect your personal data when you use our Services, create a new account on the Platform, provide us with information through the registration form, add or update information in your Profile, participate in the chats enabled on the Platform, or otherwise interact with us.


Participants register for the Organizer's Event through a registration form they must complete on the Koyag Platform with the Participant's Personal Data and the data of the company they represent. Participants access the registration form through means disseminated by the Organizer. The link will be public, and its dissemination will depend exclusively on the Organizer.

The Organizer will personalize the registration form and, therefore, decide which data will be required, depending on the Organizer's needs to select and grant access to the Participant for their Event. Notwithstanding the above, the form must be completed with at least the participant's name, last name, email, and organization.

The User can save the registration form to be completed at a later time. However, the deadline for submitting the registration form will be set by the respective Organizer, so upon the expiration of that deadline, the form will not be available on the Platform.

Once the registration form is submitted, the information provided by each Participant will be sent to the Organizer through the Platform. In the case of business meetings, the Organizer will be the one who, based on this information, will select whether the Participant can attend the event or not. Participants selected by the Organizer will receive a confirmation email with a unique link that they must enter to create a username and password that will allow them to access the event. In the case of webinars, once the registration form is filled out and submitted, the Participant will receive an email with the link to access the respective webinar as a viewer.

In the case of business meetings, each Participant's Profile may contain all or part of the information provided by the Participant during the registration process. Nevertheless, once the user and password to access the Event through the Platform are created, the Participant can edit the information in their Profile freely.

Depending on the User's interaction on the Platform, Koyag may collect and process all or part of the following information. Below are the different categories of Personal Data that the Platform may collect:

a) Data that allows identifying the Participant and registering on the Platform: When registering on the Platform, the User will complete the registration form and create their Profile, for these purposes:

  • Name
  • Last Name
  • Email address
  • Organization

Notwithstanding the above, the Organizer can personalize the registration form and add requests for additional data at their discretion, with the previously mentioned data being the minimum required by the Platform for registration. In the case of a webinar or content instance, the Participant must fill out the respective registration form to participate and, at the end of the process, will receive an access link to enter the webinar as a viewer.

In the case of a business meeting, the Participant must complete the form with the information mentioned in section a) and that requested by the Organizer. If selected by the Organizer, they will receive a link to enter the Platform. The Participant will have a Profile on the Platform automatically created with all the information provided in their registration form. Nevertheless, they can edit it as they see fit.

b) When a User accesses the Platform: Once inside the Platform, Koyag may collect the following information:

Chat history with other Participants
Chat history with Koyag in case of receiving assistance
Profile modifications or edits
Number of registered Participants
Number of meeting requests sent, received, and rejected in a business meeting
Number of scheduled, rescheduled, and canceled meetings in a business meeting
Number of meetings held and not held in a business meeting
Number of attendees at a webinar or content instance
Connection times of each Participant in a webinar.

Accessing the Platform may involve the use of cookies, which will be verified while the User's session remains active and they continue browsing the Platform. Cookies are small pieces of information stored in the browser used by each User and/or Visitor —on the various devices they may use for browsing— so that the server recognizes their web browser and informs us about how and when they visit and use our website, Services, and/or Platform, to analyze trends, understand Users, and operate and improve the Services and/or Platform. Cookies facilitate navigation, make it more user-friendly, and do not harm the browsing device.

The information collected through cookies may include the date and time of visits to the Platform, privacy settings, preferences, the User's duration on the Platform, and the sites visited immediately before and after accessing the Platform. No cookie can extract information from the User's hard drive or steal personal information.

The Platform will use its own and third-party cookies. Koyag will use its own cookies for the proper functioning of the Platform, its Content, and the User's experience. These Cookies allow you to log in, enter and exit the User's Profile on the Platform, prevent security risks, mainly to detect when a third party other than the User has tried to access their Profile.

We will use:

(i) Registration Cookies: when a Participant registers, creates a Profile on the Platform, and accesses our Services (becoming a User), cookies are generated that allow Koyag to know whether the User has logged in or not and keep their session open.

(ii) Performance or Preference Cookies: These will be used to record choices and settings regarding the Services and/or Platform, maintain User preferences over time, and recognize their entry into the Platform and remind the User of their preferences.

The use of these Cookies allows Koyag to customize the Content of the Platform, ensure and better manage the performance of its Services, all of which benefit its Users.

(iii) Analysis Cookies: The analysis services and tools used by the Platform (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Hotjar) generate Cookies each time the User visits and/or accesses it (provided that these Cookies are enabled and not deleted).

The use of Analysis Cookies is aimed at helping the Platform determine whether the User has visited the Platform previously and allows Koyag to access additional information about how Users use the Services.

Google, Inc. ("Google") uses cookies in connection with its Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager services. The owners of this network have their own terms and conditions of use, privacy policies, data protection policies, and Cookies policies, exempting Koyag from any responsibility in this regard.

Users can disable, reject, and/or delete —in whole or in part— the cookies installed on their device by configuring the internet browser of their device (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or other). The procedures for disabling, rejecting, and/or deleting cookies may differ from one browser to another. It is the User's responsibility to access the conditions for disabling, rejecting, and/or deleting cookies in each internet browser. Users who reject —in whole or in part— the use of cookies can still use the Platform. However, as a result, access and/or use of some of its features may be limited.


The collection and processing of personal data serve the purpose of enabling the use of services available on the Platform, facilitating and expediting communications between Users.

Among other purposes, the personal data collected by Koyag will be processed for the following reasons:

To provide services and execute the Platform correctly.
To create and manage the User's profile.
To allow the Organizer to select the invitees who will participate in a specific Event and to process the data necessary for the proper and complete execution of the Event or business meeting.
To provide support and assistance for the services and the use of the Platform.
To respond to User inquiries and fulfill their requests.
To improve and develop the services and the Platform.
To prevent or obstruct fraudulent, illegal, or harmful actions and to maintain the security, protection, and integrity of the services and the Platform.
To comply with our legal or contractual obligations, resolve disputes, and fully comply with the Terms and Conditions.
They will be used internally by Koyag for statistical purposes to improve User acquisition.
For the development of behavior and prediction models, as well as for statistical, historical, and market research purposes, among others. In these cases, data will be used in an anonymized form, meaning it will not be possible to identify the individuals to whom this data belongs.
To respond to duly authorized requests for information from law enforcement, administrative, and/or government authorities.
To comply with any law, regulation, decree, summons, or court order.
If, for strategic and/or business reasons, Koyag decides to sell, purchase, merge, or reorganize its businesses in any other way, such a transaction may involve the disclosure of your personal information to prospective or actual buyers, or the receipt of such information by sellers. If this is the case, Koyag will adequately protect your personal information.
Personal data will only be used for the purposes for which they have been collected, unless they come from or have been obtained from public or publicly accessible sources. We will not use the personal data we have collected for materially different, unrelated, or incompatible purposes without prior communication of this circumstance to the Platform User.


Koyag will not sell, trade, transfer, or share Users' personal data. This excludes third parties that Koyag trusts to operate the Platform and/or the Services, manage the Platform, and the Organizers who require access to the information for the purpose of conducting the respective Event, provided they commit to maintaining the confidentiality of that information.

Therefore, Koyag may share Users' personal information in the following situations:

With the Organizers of the respective Events who require the information provided by their guests in order to select the Users who will participate in them.
With service providers who provide services necessary to provide the Services.
With service providers who help with the operation of the Platform and act as data processors, such as hosting or data storage providers for information generated through the Platform.
Judicial authorities upon specific request.
With companies within the same business group, related, in Chile or abroad. Koyag may share personal information with any affiliated, subsidiary, or other companies under common control to fulfill the purposes indicated in this Privacy Policy.
Another company that acquires or merges with Koyag. If another company acquires Koyag or purchases assets of the Company that include or encompass Users' personal data, that company will possess the personal information collected and must assume the rights and obligations related to it, as described in this Privacy Policy. This will be duly communicated to the data subject.

11. TERM

Koyag will retain personal data as long as the User maintains an active profile, or as long as necessary to provide the Services, or until the right to delete or modify the data is exercised by the User, in order to respond to any questions or requests for information related to the User's account. Koyag may retain personal data for up to 10 years after the User has provided it. However, where legally permissible and necessary, we will restrict the processing of your data instead of deleting it (e.g., by restricting access to it). This is especially relevant in cases where we need the data for the performance of a contract or for the establishment of a right or defense against legal claims, or when data retention is required or allowed by law. In these cases, the duration of the processing restriction depends on the relevant legal retention or limitation periods. The data will be deleted once the relevant retention or limitation periods have expired.


As the data subject, you have the following rights:

Right of Access: Allows data subjects to demand from Koyag, as the data controller or personal data repository, information about data related to their person, their origin, recipients, the purpose of processing, and the identification of the individuals or organizations to whom their data is regularly transmitted. Under this right, data subjects can request and obtain a copy of the personal data processed by Koyag at no cost. It also allows them to request a copy, free of charge, of the record of modifications or deletions of personal data if such record exists.
Right to Rectification: This right allows data subjects to demand from Koyag, as the data controller or personal data repository, that incorrect, inaccurate, ambiguous, or incomplete data be modified. It is noted that the information collected by Koyag is provided by the respective Participant, so it is their responsibility to provide accurate information.
Right to Erasure: Under this right, data subjects can demand the deletion of their personal data by Koyag in case its storage lacks a legal basis or when it has expired.
Right to Object: This right allows data subjects to request that Koyag interrupt or limit the processing of personal data. Those authorized to make requests and/or claims are generally the data subjects.
Requests and/or claims must be made by contacting the following email address: In addition to the request and/or claim, data subjects must attach all the evidence they consider necessary to support and prove their request, along with a document that allows them to prove their identity.


We may transfer your personal data to recipients who may be located anywhere in the world. For this purpose, we will provide the necessary protection mechanisms, for example, by entering into data protection contracts with the recipients, or through other measures provided by law.


Koyag will implement the necessary physical, technical, organizational, and/or administrative security measures to protect Personal Data from unauthorized access, use, and disclosure. The necessity or adequacy of these measures will depend on the type of Personal Data and how they are processed by Koyag.

For example, Koyag operates secure data networks protected by industry-standard firewalls (in Amazon Web Service), data encryption, and data tokenization, as well as advanced password protection. The Koyag Platform uses Cloudflare for DNS management, protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, mitigation of bots, and SSL certification (Security Socket Layer, acting as a third-party certification of website security). Our Privacy Policy is periodically reviewed and improved as needed, and only authorized personnel have access to the information provided by you. Koyag takes measures to ensure that your information is handled securely and in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

We treat the information you provide, including files, as confidential information. Consequently, this information is subject to Koyag's security procedures and corporate policies regarding the protection and use of confidential information. Personally identifiable information is stored on a server with standard physical and electronic security features, including the use of username/password procedures, electronic firewalls, and data encryption and tokenization, designed to block unauthorized access.

Because applicable laws regarding personal information vary by country, our offices and other business operations may implement additional measures depending on applicable legal requirements. All employees are required to adhere to our privacy and security policies. Therefore, your information is only accessible to employees who provide technical support for the services.

Notwithstanding the above, no method of transmitting data over the Internet or storing data is entirely secure. Consequently, Koyag cannot guarantee the invulnerability of the internet or the complete absence of hackers or third parties who may fraudulently access Personal Data, and ultimately cannot guarantee the complete security of Personal Data shared by the User.

Koyag will not be responsible for the theft, destruction, loss, and/or inadvertent disclosure of Personal Data or the information shared by the User, beyond the level of responsibility imposed by the law itself. The Data Subject shall be responsible for the care of such information, properly protecting their password as applicable and/or other access mechanisms, limiting access to their device, closing their profile when the session is completed as appropriate, or when the use of their account for any other reason is completed, etc.

Do not share information from your profile, Koyag password, or other personal information with anyone. If you are sharing a computer with someone, you should always log out before leaving any site or service, to protect access to your information from subsequent users.


Koyag may modify this Privacy Policy at any time and without prior notice, at its sole discretion. Notwithstanding the foregoing, such modifications will be published on the Platform at least 3 days before their effective application.

However, we invite you to regularly review the Privacy Policy through our Platform for any updates and changes. By continuing to access or use our service or the Platform after such modifications have come into effect, the User agrees to accept the new Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with the amended Privacy Policy, or if any changes therein become unacceptable to you in the future, leading to non-compliance with this document or the Terms and Conditions, you must deactivate your account and directly or indirectly cease using or accessing any information or the Services or the Platform immediately.

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